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Podcasting has evolved from a niche medium to a sounding board for the world. Time to get-in on the revolution! Start your own Podcast.

Podcast listening has grown 23% since 2015 alone. Podcasting has become an unstoppable force in content marketing and certainly shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Don’t wait for someone else to tell your story. Who better than you can tell your own story! Control your own destiny... start already!

Gary Begin and Sound Advantage Media will help you identify your Podcast theme, niche, securing a Domain Name and promoting your Podcast to the world. We’ll help in creating a name for your show and branding your Podcast, differentiating your show from similar offerings.

We’ll provide voiceover services for your show to provide imaging, show introductions, segment announcements and sound effects.

Where to obtain RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) for Podcasts. How and where to find reasonably priced starter equipment for your Podcast. How to market your Podcast on Social Media to the right audience.

All for the low price of $495.00!

One in four Americans ages 12-54 listened to a Podcast last month. That’s more than listened to Talk Radio!

  • 17% of Americans are currently listening to Podcasts monthly.
  • 55 Podcasts are being recorded at any given moment.
  • 2,400,000 minutes of podcasting are produced every month.

Some of the most popular Podcast Categories:

Christian * Music * Comedy * TV & Film * Literature * News & Politics * Video Games * Sports * Marketing & Management * Personal Journals

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"Gary Begin and Sound Advantage Media have been a great asset to me and my podcasting growth. Gary has demonstrated techniques and tips that have proven successful in the branding and increased audience my show has received. Gary has been a guest on my show several times and has always been professional, enlightened and entertaining."

Gary Alan--Host
The Express with Gary Alan

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